How to install longer service life

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 How to install longer service life

Thrust tapered roller bearings can only bear one-way axial load and can limit the one-way axial displacement of the bearing, so they can be used as one-way axial positioning. Compared with thrust cylindrical roller bearings, the bearing capacity is large and the relative sliding is small, but the limit speed is low.

Matching method: interference fit of shaft and bearing box with shaft ring and seat ring Installation method: Install the shaft ring by heating

Before installing the bearing, please read all the instructions carefully. The instruction manual contains a variety of optional tools and measurement methods. When selecting the tool recommended in the instructions for use, please check its availability based on the size of the bearings and other related components actually used.


1.Install the bearings in a clean environment. Check the bearing box, shaft and other related components of the bearing to ensure that they are clean.

2.Clean up the oil holes and oil grooves used in the oil injection method.

3.The installation and disassembly of rolling bearings sometimes involve the movement of heavy objects, the use of tools, other equipment, or the use of high-pressure oil. To avoid accidents, personal injury or property damage, please follow the instructions carefully. ZZ 22222-E1 bearings online , pls click here : 

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Before installing the bearing, check the dimensional and shape tolerances of all components in contact with the bearing. The diameter of the cylindrical journal is usually measured with a micrometer at four points on each of the three planes; the diameter of the inner hole of the cylindrical bearing box is usually measured using an internal gauge at four points on each of the three planes. Filling in measurement records and archiving will facilitate future tracking work. Measure the length of the mating surface of the bearing, shaft and bearing housing or the length of the matching sleeve. Based on the measurement results, calculate the axial clearance of the bearing configuration after installation.

After the measurement is completed, install the bearing.



1.Install the shaft washer

(1)Wipe the rust inhibitor from the inner hole of the shaft ring.

(2)Heat the shaft washer. Under normal circumstances, the shaft ring temperature can be installed above 80 ~ 90 ℃. The maximum heating temperature of the shaft ring should not exceed 100 ℃. It is not allowed to use heating methods without temperature control, such as open flame.

(3)After heating the shaft ring, wear antifouling gloves to push the shaft ring to the shoulder position, and keep the position until it is tightened on the journal.


2.Install the seat ring

(1)Wipe off the rust inhibitor on the surface of the seat ring.

(2)Frozen seat ring. Use solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) to cool the seat ring. Freezing the seat ring to -50 ℃ is sufficient for installation. Note that there may be solidified water droplets on the outer surface.

(3)Put the frozen seat ring, wear anti-fouling gloves, and carefully push it to the position of the shaft shoulder, keeping the position until it tightly clamps the bearing seat. Check that there is no condensation on the bearing and bearing housing. Carefully wipe off the moisture on the shaft ring and seat ring and lubricate the surface with oil. If possible, install in a vertical position.

You can also choose to heat the bearing box. The bearing box is placed in an electric furnace for heating, and a propane heater can also be used. Generally, heating the bearing box to 80 to 90 ° C is sufficient for installation. Carefully push the seat ring into the hole shoulder of the bearing box, keeping the position until it tightly clamps the seat ring.When installing the shaft ring and seat ring, use a thinner mineral oil to lightly lubricate the outer surface of the seat ring and the inner diameter surface of the shaft ring. ZZ 22222-E1-K bearings online , pls click here :

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3.Assemble the shaft and bearing box

Use thinner mineral oil to lightly lubricate the rollers of the shaft ring and the raceway of the seat ring ;Make sure the shaft assembly is perpendicular to the bearing box ;

Slowly install the shaft assembly to the correct position of the seat ring ;

Use lock nuts or other devices to axially position components ;

Move the shaft assembly axially to measure the axial clearance of the bearing, and move it back and forth if possible ;

Check whether the bearing can be easily rotated as before, and there is no abnormal noise ;If the bearing is lubricated with oil, pay attention to the correct lubricant and amount .


4.Spherical roller thrust bearings usually use lubricants or greases with extreme pressure ( EP ) additives. When using grease, the contact surface of the roller end face and the rib must have sufficient lubricant. According to different application conditions, the bearing and the bearing seat can be completely filled with lubricant or the grease can be replenished more frequently.   

5.Bearings with superior quality, clean installation environment, correct installation method, reasonable installation tools and correct lubrication maintenance during use can guarantee the long-term reliable work of the bearing during use .

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