How to do Measure Before Bearing Installations

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How to do Measure Before Bearing Installations

Outside diameter size, inside diameter size, height, these are the basic three dimensions to be tested.Generally use caliper and micrometer, or clamp gauge block to dial indicator, can be accurate.The inside diameter and outside diameter of the bearing can be runout with the instrument.The main purpose of the instrument is to detect the accuracy grade of the bearing.

When installing rolling bearings, the dial gauge should be fixed on the end face of the box shell first, so that the top of the contact head of the meter can migrate the transfer bearing on the raceway of the bearing shaft ring. While migrating the transfer, check the dial gauge pointer. If the pointer is swaying, it is clear that the shaft ring and the middle line of the shaft are not vertical.If the shell hole is deeper, you can also use the lengthened dial dial head honing.

This is a good way to hone the verticality of the axle ring and axle midline.If the bearing device is installed backwards, not only does the bearing work abnormal, but also the joint surfaces will suffer serious wear and tear.Because the difference between the shaft ring and the seat ring is not obvious, special care should be taken in the assembly, and it can not be reversed.The precise time of the device should be when its seat ring can actively adapt to the rolling of the rolling body, to ensure that the rolling body is located in the upper and lower ring raceway.In addition, a gap of 0.2-0.5mm should be left between the seat ring and the bearing seat hole of the self-aligning ball bearing to compensate for the errors caused by the machining of parts and the inaccurate composition of the device. When the bearing ring is offset in the middle of operation, the gap can ensure that it is adjusted actively to avoid contact friction and make it run normally.Otherwise, the bearing will be seriously damaged.Need ZZ 22219-E1,click here to learn more. 

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Bearing inner ring and shaft tight fit, outer ring and bearing hole is a loose fit, press the bearing to be pressed on the shaft are available, and then put the shaft together with the bearing load bearing hole, when pressed on the bearing inner ring end face, cushion the assembling casing made of a soft metal material (copper or mild steel), the inner diameter of the casing assembly should be slightly larger than the diameter of a journal,The outer diameter should be slightly smaller than the bearing inner ring barrier, so as not to press on the retainer.The outer ring of the bearing is tightly matched with the bearing seat hole. When the inner ring is loosely matched with the shaft, the bearing can be pressed into the bearing seat hole first. At this time, the outer diameter of the assembling casing should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the seat hole.If the bearing ring is tightly matched with the shaft and seat hole, the installation of the inner ring and outer ring should be pressed into the shaft and seat hole at the same time, and the assembly of the casing structure should be able to tighten the end faces of the bearing inner ring and outer ring at the same time.

See whether the coating on the surface of the bearing has peeling and folding phenomenon. The local combination of these two defects and the base metal is not strong, and there are often decarbonization or carbon depletion phenomenon around them to varying degrees. The material is easy to caving, indentation or wear, which is unfavorable to the life and accuracy of the bearing.

Check whether the bearing surface is smooth and clean, and check whether there are defects on each bearing parts, such as indentation, scratches and rust caused by improper transportation;For the riveted cage, it is necessary to determine whether the connection is reliable and whether the riveting head interferes with the inner and outer ring.Whether the bearing has discoloration caused by heat treatment.

Touch each part of the bearing by hand to determine whether there are burrs or sharp angles at the chamfering. In addition, the surface roughness can also be roughly estimated.

Hold the outer ring with your hand, turn the inner ring, see whether the bearing rotation is smooth, whether there is abnormal sound or caton, observe whether the gap between the cage and the rolling body is too large, and whether the rolling body is drooping relative to the outer ring.Click here to learn more about ZZ 22310 E.

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Shaft and bearing assembly on the surface of the hole, if any, burr, rust, or solid particles (such as debris, sand, soil), existence, not only make it difficult to install the bearing installation position is not correct, such as high temperature bearing can fall down solid particles of abrasive, bearing rotates or bruises will wear of bearing working surface, so you must carefully check before installation,If these defects are found, they should be corrected.Such as using oil to remove burrs on the record, put up a fine emery cloth to touch traces, rust, and polish if solid particles, dirt, etc.

Measure bearing sizes according to bearing drawings provided by bearing manufacturers.

Measuring clearance generally using feeler, simple and convenient;Diameter can be measured with inside and outside micrometers and width can be measured with height or vernier calipers.Each size should be measured 2~3 times to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

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