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MB type spherical roller bearings

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What are MB type spherical roller bearings?

MB type spherical roller bearings have two precision-machined brass cages, a fixed middle rib on the inner ring, and use of reinforced symmetrical rollers, so that the bearing load capacity reaches the C-type design level, which is a substitute for traditional products. It can have a longer life in applications.

Differences from CA, CC, and MB type spherical roller bearing

Spherical roller bearings can be divided into CA-type spherical roller bearings, CC-type spherical roller bearings, and MB-type spherical roller bearings according to the type of cage.

The two major structures of CA type and CC type are mainly distinguished by whether the inner ring has ribs or not, and the cage is a car-made entity or a stamped frame type.

CA type self-aligning roller bearing: one-piece brass machined cage, the inner ring has no middle rib, the end has two small ribs, and the rollers are symmetrical. CA type spherical roller bearings are widely used. Large and extra-large bearings (generally with an inner diameter below 600MM) are used more often. The main applications are: coal mills, wind generators, textile machinery, continuous casting equipment, etc..

CC type spherical roller bearings: the rollers are symmetrical, the inner ring has no middle ribs, and no end ribs, the cage is divided, the material is a stamped steel frame cage, and the rollers are designed between the rollers with the movable intermediate ring, its function can effectively reduce the internal friction of the bearing, can effectively assist the rolling elements in the force zone to enter the load zone correctly, and also increase the limit speed of the bearing.

Because the CC structure design occupies less internal space of the bearing than the CA structure design, the increase in the number of rolling elements and the change of the outer dimensions of the rolling elements can improve the radial bearing capacity of the bearing to a certain extent, so it can withstand more than CA The structural design has greater axial bearing capacity.

MB type spherical roller bearing application

The inner ring of the MB type spherical roller bearing has two fixed ribs, and its structure is characterized by the use of asymmetric spherical rollers and the inner ring to fix the middle ribs. The bearing of this structure also has its unique advantages, that is, it can realize pure rolling and is suitable for running under high-speed conditions.


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